The Truth About Buck Reed

Buck Reed is from Saint Joseph, Michigan. He graduated from college with a degree in Business Management and a degree in Architecture. He turned his part-time college job of mowing lawns into a full-time career running a lawn mowing and landscaping business. He ran the business for 3 years but was working 70-80 hours per week and was in deep debt. He owed over $80,000 in student loans and over $90,000 in credit card debt because he had used his credit cards to finance his business. While in college, Buck's sister was put into a coma by an abusive fiance. Buck was convinced she was in her relationship because of a lack of finances and he vowed to help as many people as possible to never be in that same situation. By the time Buck graduated, he had suffered tremendous losses financially and much more tragic losses emotionally. At the age of 25, he was very frustrated financially and wondering if he would ever realize his dreams.

That's when Buck answered an ad in California and was introduced to the incredible industry of network marketing. He knew it was his chance to change his family tree. He knew immediately that he was working with leaders who had incredible results and that he could be taught to do the same. Buck sold his landscape business and jumped into network marketing 100%. He never made less than $10,000 a month and his monthly income was more than most families made in an entire year. Buck became a multi-millionaire in less than five years. Prior to his exposure to network marketing, if you had told Buck that making a six figure monthly income was possible he would have laughed at you! After all, he was used to making only $6.00 an hour.

Buck's accomplishments have been award winning. He reached the highest level possible in every network marketing company he worked in and did so faster than anyone in each company's history! His team grew tremendously and so did his income. His lifestyle has changed dramatically since his days in his Grandpa's basement. He built his first dream home of over 6000 sq ft within 18 months of building a team. He eventually moved into a second dream home which is 8,000 sq ft and located on the St. Joseph River in a neighborhood where he used to mow lawns. Buck has achieved every financial goal he has set and acquired all his dream cars to date; BMW's, Porsches, Range Rovers, several Corvettes and Escalades. He has every toy a big kid could want including Ducati motorcycles, a 4-wheeler, Jet Skis, Mastercraft X-45 wakeboard boat and over 9 snowmobiles that he and his friends ride. Buck believes in living life to the fullest. He is constantly dreaming and achieving new goals He is currently designing his next dream home of 13,000 sq ft which will also be on the St. Joseph River.

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Buck Reed's goal is to train, motivate and lead people, who have the desire and motivation, to a better life financially, emotionally and spiritually.
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